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A place for OTI to put shorter updates on the projects we’re working on.

Matrix and OTI at Mozfest

At last weekend’s Mozilla Festival (Mozfest for short), the annual open web/internet freedom conference/party, OTI facilitated an astonishing number of sessions. Within the Decentralization space, we organized a local and portable chat server, using Matrix, that was available to attendees as an alternative to platforms like Slack or Google Hangouts. In this context, the community retains control over the Matrix service because it lives on a box that they can hold in their hands. Read more →

Deploying and Managing a Fleet of Measurement Kit Devices

In our pilot project, Measuring Broadband in Schools, we used small Odroid computers running the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) to measure internet health in public school classrooms in Alexandria, Virginia. Installing and running code on these computers was done manually and managing them was a bit of a headache. The project was a prototype, intended to be short-term, so while setup and management was manual a more sustainable next stage solution had to be devised. Read more →

Building Raspberry Pi M Lab Autotester

As anyone who has run a network measurement test more than once will tell you, a single measurement is not as good as the trend of test results over time. Measurement Lab’s (M-Lab) extension for Google Chrome lets you schedule tests and see trends over time, but you have to leave Chrome open all the time to get the benefit. Other measurement initiatives like RIPE Atlas, OONI, and others, have developed a small, dedicated testing device that’s connected to a network which runs tests automatically. Read more →